Our Festus got 2 years in March. Thank you Doreen for the nice pic.


Our Sweet little Butterfly Maisy went to her senior residence. Now she get daily cooked meals and her own human like a queen it needs. At the pic her new owner and
some walking friends.

Thank you Ingrid for the nice pic! A nice trip with my dear friend Julia Vogler and the Pupirunners to the Eurodogshow. I got the honor to show her Phalene girl Caramal Creme. Here a snap shot :)


After a clinical review from a VDH vet for PL
our Sweet little Butterfly Iwein is out for breeding.
He is now 7 years old and have on the left side
now PL but it is good to know that he will have no pain problems. Ofcours I informed all breeders about his new PL examination.
His offsprings who are in a breeding program,
all free of PL this time.


Gigolo de La Montez at his Familie Nonella, thank you so much for this lovely pic!


A pic from our Ginette de La Montez from Lithuania, thank you Diana Kairiene.

A new pic from Ginger de La Montez, she is living at the well known Kennel Lamonia´s in Sweden. Thank you Inga-Lill Stener for the pid!


My little Grand Gigolo turned in his new home,
I wish family Nonella much fun with this little angel.

Nice show in Luxembourg. Yukatan got V2 and Simplynice Holly won the youth class and is Luxembourg junior Champion now.

A nice show weekend again.
At the Winner show Leipzig my Contessa did a good job, she got V2 and V3. I had to say good bye to my little Ginette,
she went to her new owner and is on the way to Lithuania.

On 5.06 Maisy get brith to three little angels. I´m so proud of her,
she get´s them without any problems.

A new Champion at the La Montez Kennel!!
Disaster Red Rose (Didy) is now swedish Champion!! Thank you Michaela Larsson!!



Ellyas de La Montez won again a show in Sweden!! I´m so proud of him!!

Thank you Linda Erikson for this success!!

Welcome Simplynice Holly!
Thank you Gabriele Schulzle for her!


So hard to say good bye to our guest,
I´m happy to see him again next year
to finish his Champion titels.

Now he is International Champion of Beauty, and we will finish the german Club Champion, the german Champion and the austrian Champion after the waiting time.

6.04. CaCib Salzburg:
Contessa got her fist CAC so now the waiting time is running for the austrian Champion.
For my guest Keramet´s Extreme Secret it was the last show together. We finished the austrian Champion.

New pics from Festus and his best friend.


Time fly´s, our E litter is now 12 month old,
I´m always happy to hear a new story about my offsprings.

Ellyas de La Montez is living in Sweden and got tested for PL and PRA and is free!!

Eldorado de La Montez is living in Slovenia

Emilio de La Montez “Pauli” lebt in Köln


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