Polar Wings Unlimited Free Love

Born: 02.10.2018
Color: tri color
Size: 25 cm
PL:0/0  (2020)
PRA:free (2020)
Genetic tests: PRA1-free, NAD-free, vWDI-free, Factor VII Defizienz-free

Co-owner Julia Vogler Kennel "Papirunners"

Russischer Jugendchampion RKF


Polar Wings Frozen Heart
Siljans Edvin Connection
Ringlands Ribbons Of Gene
Siljans Bruceling Connection
Connection Siljans Polar Wings
Siljans Know The Story Connection
Siljans Elenette Connection
Jump For You De Costalina
Connection I Know Nothing
Queen Bless Jp Royal Connection
Connection So Much Music
Jicarilla De Costalina
Highclass De Costalina
Connection Bag Lady


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