Ich wünsche allen La Montez Besitzern trotz dieser seltsamen Umstände mit Covid19 ein besinnliches Weihnachtsfest

und einen guten Rutsch ins hoffentlich bessere 2021. Bleibt alle gesund und passt auf euch und eure Vierbeiner auf!

Alles Liebe und Gesundheit Tanja und Thomas

October till December


Our Polar Wings Unlimited Free Love aka Momo will go back to her breeder.

After she eat rat poison it is not possible to get her in the breeding, because there could be healthy problems.

Her breeder like to have her back, so we will say good by soon.

I wish for her the best home.

Nice greetings from Contessa de La Montez, 9 years old, time flys.

Haron de La Montez auf seinem Thron im Garten, alles im Blick 🙂

New pics of our J-kids, the funny age is starting.

July till September


Our holliday despite of Corona had worked. We spent some nice days in Mecklenburg- Vorpommern.

With us, all dogs and my parents.

More pics at the gallery page

Kerame´s Last Man Standing is tested again of PL and PRA and free!

Our J-litter send greetings, all new owners are happy with their puppies.

New pics from Haron de La Montez

Our Jero

April till June


Our little Jamiro

The first two of our J-litters went to their families,

I wish them all the best with them.

Ilana enjoys the summer, the pool is ready.

After long time of thinking, we decided to search for a loving home for Gadget.

More information you will find at our for sale page.

There are always new pics of the puppies at our puppy page.

At the moment all 3 boys are reserved.

You can watch them growing, our J- Litter is 7 days old now.

More pictures and informations at our Puppy page.

Our J- Litter is arrived at 22.04

3 strong boys were born. Pics and informations at our Puppy page.

We have to enjoy the great weather outside

January till March


Time flies, our A-litter is 11 years old now.

Thank you family Fill, for the lovely birthday pic of Armano!

New pics of my two loves in Sweden,

Disaster Red Rose 8 years old now and Havanna de La Montez 4 years old.

Two days club show Oer- Erkenschwick was very successful.

Gadget got both day´s V2, Josie was the first time out in adult class and won both days.

Polar Wings Unlimited Free Love aka Momo got first day a very good and second day V1.

The first show of the year Thomas and Gadget were at the CaCib Brno.

Gadget won both day´s his class and is now Czech junior champion.

Happy to say welcome to our new additon,

Julia Vogler Kennel Papirunners and I got something special from Russia.

Wellcome Polar Wings Unlimited Free Love,

many thanks to the breeder Evgenia Selivanova and Jens Kiel.