April till June


April April doesn´t know what it will, let´s snow again. Josie have fun.

My lovely Contessa will be 10 years old in may, my biggest thanks to my dear friend Christina

that she give her the best home a breeder could wish.

The J litter is growing up more and more, so sorry that two of them decided to drop their ears.

Juno, Jero und Jamiro

  Lot´s of thanks to the families for their great care.

January till March


Thank you my dear Christina and Contessa for some wonderfull day´s

and also for the good care of our Lavita.

My boy friend have now found his dream dog.

Wellcome Jazz "Talk Dirty To ME DAYDREAM BELIEVERS".

Many thanks to Kathleen Rosen, that Thomas got Jazz.

Corona is still all over the world, it´s nice to get some nice messages in these days.

Havanna got 4 healthy puppies on 06.01.

I hope that a girl will come back to us.

New pics from Eldorado, 8 years old now.

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